Rules, Terms & Conditions

Please review the information on this page before deciding on submitting a form.

hand health notice

I have been recovering from DeQuervain's Tendinitis in my dominant hand since April 2021. Please understand that because of this, I have been advised by my doctor's to not overwork. Because such is the case, please expect my turnaround time to be much slower.

covid-19 notice

Please be aware that my wait times are much longer (probably doubled as a drastic example) due to the current pandemic of COVID-19. Certain commissions where I may need specific materials can also add to the delay because of having to order it online vs. being able to get them locally. As always, I hate to make my clients wait for their commissions but please give me a bit of your understanding because of the world situation. In the event that I do fall sick/or catch this specific virus, commissions will be put away in my workroom away from the main living quarters and I will not be accessing them at all until I get better.

shipping information

There are current delays in shipping due to the pandemic. While I've had packages move alright within Canada and the US, please take note that it is always a possibility--especially if you are international. Please be patient in this time and take note of it when shipping your heads out to me or waiting for them to come back home. Alternative shipping methods are also available if you would like to pay for a private courier.

Before Submitting a Form

  • I have a zero tolerance policy for recasts as well as working with people who are recast-neutral.

  • Have payment for at least 1/3 or 1/2 of the commission total on hand (ration is dependent on how big your commission total is). You can estimate the total by referencing my price list found next to the Request Form. 

  • Only submit a form if you are serious to commission me. Please don't waste my time by backing down once I come back from reviewing your form and is about to send your invoice out. You will then be put on my list of people I will hesitate to work with in the future. If you are unsure about prices, please check out my price list found on the "Request Form" to get a good idea of how much your request may cost.

  • My method of payment will be only through Paypal. Local people have the choice to do cash (conversion from USD) or e-transfer.

  • If you are unsure about a project or my capabilities to do it, feel free to contact me before submitting a form.

  • Please be as sure as you can for what you would like. While I can make a note of slight changes, do not constantly change your mind. It makes it difficult for me to keep everyone's details organized if no one's forms are what they actually want.

  • By commissioning me, you are familiar with my style and accept my style. Although I accept direction while working, do not micro-manage me. Do not ask me to paint in another artist's style or try and reign power in how I paint. Go commission that artist if you would rather I would paint like someone else. If you are looking for a very specific concept to get done, and I accept, I will charge extra. It is because you will be paying for the extra time that I will need to change the way I paint to accommodate your request and my skill to be able to do so.

  • I have the right to decline a project. If I find my style is also not right for you, I may recommend someone else if I know of someone to fit your style.

After Submitting Your Form & Sending Out Your Head

  • A deposit must be paid within 5 business days of receiving your invoice. It will be to ensure you reserve your spot. Unless it is discussed beforehand why you cannot pay the deposit right away, I will give up your spot to another person.

  • The invoice will include details of your commission as well as my shipping address and phone number in case you need it for customs papers. Shipping back to you will be made as a separate invoice after the commission is finished and when you have made your choice of shipment speed.

  • Please ship your resin out as soon as possible. If there are delays in why, let me know. The later I receive your resin, the later it will be finished. Ensuring the resin arrives in a timely manner ensures to keep the queue on schedule and my slots before my next opening.

  • When you ship out your resin, please let me know of any damage I should be aware of as well as send me some photographs of it.

  • Pack your resin safely and make sure the box is still a good box. In the event that it arrives and I deem the box unsafe to ship your resin back to you, I will either use a box I may have on the side or purchase a new one and bill it to your Shipping and Handling Invoice at the end.

  • Any duty, aka custom charges, that I receive upon receiving your parcel will be your responsibility and will be billed as a separate invoice.

  • I do not have extra face protectors so please send one out if you can. I have a method of packing to ensure the eyelashes don't get crushed as much as possible in lieu of one, but I would still prefer for a face protector to be provided.

During the Faceup/Services Are In Progress

  • I will send out WIP photos as I go along. As I do this, you can let me know if there are adjustments you would like me to make. Depending whether or not I have already sealed your resin for the layer, I may or may not be able to do a subtractive change. In a lot of cases, changes I can only do are to add more of something. I allow up to 3 free changes and there after each change will be a charge of $5 each. Changes equals time and you are paying for my time and skill.

  • By working with me, you give me permission to take photos of your commission and share work in progress photos through this website in the Galleries - WIP Photos section, and, or my Instagram page @mint.chateau. Facebook as well. In the event that you do not want me to share your photos, this must be discussed beforehand of submitting a form.

  • If you would like to publicly share my work in progress photos of your commission, please ask me before you decide to repost my photo.

  • Once the commission is finished and you have approved the final images, I will proceed to pack your resin and then weigh your parcel to give you shipping choices provided by Canada Post.

Shipping Back to You

  • While I do not require insurance, I do require that you at least have a tracking number.

  • Be aware that if you do decide to not add any insurance, any damage or loss will be your responsibility and I cannot help you if something happens to your package. Some shipping choices with tracking will already include $100 in coverage. You can usually add more if you want full insurance. It is about $2.70/extra $100 in coverage that you need.

  • If you do purchase full insurance, it is still not my responsibility for any loss or damage but I will be able to look into it and help you. I will try my best to claim the compensation from insurance and that will be given back to you. The only time damage is my responsibility is if your faceup arrives damaged. If this happens, please contact me at and we can arrange for a free repair (if possible) with shipping at your expense.

  • I will only ship out your commission once all the remaining fees on all invoices are paid.

  • I ship usually  at the end of each week but will let you know if there are any delays. Ex) Snow days making it hard for me to get to the post office.

  • I try my best to always package the resin so that it will safely get back to you. I can assure you that I do not ship out commissions with chips already present. If chipping occur during shipping, you can send the resin back to me at your expense and I can fix it for you. It will not be a perfect fix but I will do my best. This warranty is available up to 6 months of your faceup being shipped out.

  • Faceups, bjd tattoos and blushing are not permanent, as we all know. As time passes, and if you handle your dolls quite a bit, some rubbing off may occur. If you handle your dolls with care, the longevity should last longer. Dolls in my personal collection have had tattoos that are over 5 years old, and faceups that last for years. I find blushing at the hands or feet, or at joints are usually the first to go as they are in areas of high friction or handling.

Thank you for Reading!

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.