Before you fill out the form, please familiarize yourself with my Rules and Terms and Conditions! Thank you.

As the pandemic is still going on, shipping delays still apply.

Bookings closed, re-opening May 1 at 10 am PST. 4 slots available, with waitlist and a deposit after that! Turnaround time is 1 to 4 months due to my tendinitis (not including shipping times). 

Head Limits:
All clientele will have a head limit of 2 for the time being unless it is a special case.

For this round, I will only be accepting faceups. I will not be accepting commissions for wigs, body intensive tattoos and, or, body blushing. You may, however, add on blushing for hands or feet if you would like to get those done.

Mint Chateau Aesthetics

Please fill out the information so I can quote you accordingly! If you have images you want to share, you will be able to do so when I will reach you via email or Instagram DMs. If you are viewing this on mobile, scroll all the way down to see the price list.

Price List

All faceups done with texturing and detailing unless you specifically ask me not to do it. Please refer to my Instagram @mint.chateau if you are not familiar with my style. These prices are now updated as of Jan, 2022:

All heads: natural/glamour/fantasy looks—includes skin texturing, veins, capillaries/etc.:

starts from $146 USD

Facial hair, like moustache, beards, or shaved hair:

starts from $20-30+ USD

Face tattoos:

starts from $5-20+ USD 


starts from $5-10+ USD

Wiping a Faceup/blushing:

$15+ USD--depends on how many heads/pieces. If you decide to wipe it but there is still residue when I receive your resin, I will proceed to wipe it and you will be charged for the cleaning fee. So make sure it is CLEAN!

Blushing hands with a manicure included:

starts from $20+ USD a pair

Blushing feet with a pedicure included:

starts from $20+ USD a pair


$4 USD for single layer | $6 for double layer, if you send some with, I will just be charging a $2 installation fee. In the past I have made this free but now it can be at times be pretty painful for my Tendinitis. Therefore, I will now be charging a fee for this.

Full body blush:

$100+ USD, depending on the size of the doll.

Body tattoos:

$10-200+ USD, depending on the design and surface area of the tattoo. Unless it is your design, I don’t copy tattoos. I will design them. Fandom tattoos are allowed.

Colour matching:

$50+ USD, darker resins to a lighter colour will be more because it takes considerably more layers to lighten it. I use Golden/Vallejo acrylics and an airbrush for this process.

Anything not listed at the moment can be discussed as as a special project. Please contact me directly but please note I only take a certain number of these requests at a time. Doesn't hurt to ask! 


Starts at $160 USD, price will vary from the size of the lacefront hairpiece, colour of the wig and style. All my wigs have a hairline that I hand-tie--ventilate--fibre onto wig lace and is very time consuming. Wigs are custom made to the head, so each wig is made specific for that doll.

I am located in the lower mainland in BC, Canada.