Frequently Asked Questions

Hi! If you've got some questions, hopefully you'll be able to find an answer here. If there isn't one, feel free to contact me. Please review my terms and conditions before you have some work done by me if you are interested! Thank you.

What the heck are bjd's? 

BJD stands for Ball-Jointed doll! You may have even seen the tag ABJD, which is Asian Ball-Jointed doll. They are dolls with articulated joints and are primarily hollow. To be able to make poses and bend their limbs, tension is key--there is elastic chord that runs through the doll and usually knotted at the top paired with an S-hook that is hidden in the head. With the type of dolls made now a days, there are quite a few that are strung differently but all have the same idea which is being an art-form.

They are made by hand and casted into resin and with lots of care put into each doll, it is the reason for the high price tag. Be wary of recasts, which are cheap bootlegged casts. Although most of us in the community have gravitated away from DOA (Den of Angels), it still remains to be a place that holds a plethora of information regarding these dolls and the hobby. Check them out if you would like to find out more!

What kind of materials do you use?

I am an avid user of Golden and Liquitex mediums. I use Golden acrylic matte medium for sealant, Golden acrylic matte varnish for the final layer and a mix of Golden High Flow acrylics, Liquitex acrylics and Windsor & Newton watercolours for when I paint. I also use extra soft Sennelier pastels and sometimes Rembrant as well as Faber Castell. For gloss I use Liquitex gloss varnish and for wiping clean, I use Windsor & Newton brush cleaner and 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol in some cases.

When are you open for commissions?

I have a system where I will book a chunk at a time, get through those commissions and book again, repeating the cycle. Often times this will be anywhere from 2-3 months, depending on how many I take on at a time or the complexity of the commissions. If you would like to keep track of when I will be opening, please subscribe to my newsletter found in the "Contact" page or follow me on IG @mint.chateau for the latest news to keep up to date!

What is your wait time?

I try my best to finish commissions within 4 weeks of receiving them. Depending, it may even be a couple of days. During the holidays, it is inevitable that it will take longer, or if I am ill or having some really off days. I take pride in my work and like to keep quality in check, so it is my policy to not work on them if I am definitely doing less than stellar. But I will always let you know if a delay is coming up. Feel free to reach me by email to keep up to date with your commission!  

Where can I find your prices? Can you do it for X amount of dollars instead?

You can find my price list under the page "Request Form". If what you want for me to do for you is breaking your wallet a little bit, please know that I do only take half up front and half + your shipping & handling fees in the end. In some cases, if the commission total is a bigger number, I will allow you--good feedback permitting--to have a "layaway" option with me. Anywhere from 3 to 4 payments.


Please respect my commission prices and do not bargain with me. I will converse over what you need with you upon a submitted form and I will adjust the price of the commission if I feel that it is fair. If even with the layaway option it poses to be too much for you, I am sure you can find someone else that will fit your budget! I take my time and put hours into each faceup and I make sure my draftsmanship for tattoos are as clean as I can get them to be. This is one of the things I now do that takes up much more of my time, as I am taking a break from my full-time work in the animation industry. The costs of my prices cover my work and in some cases, material costs, so I can make some sort of living. Thanks!

Can you paint my recast head?

I am pro-artist and anti-recast. It is important for me to do what I can to support the other artist's of this hobby. Without the artists, this hobby would be nothing. Because of this, I do not work on anything that is a recast, or made by artists that are pro-recast or even recast neutral.  Even if you are recast neutral, I will hesitate to work with you, as I often find that people who are even neutral still have a hard time understanding why there is no room for debate in regards to art theft.

Are you able to do this style or this kind of look?

I am open to doing any kind of faceup look! If you aren't sure and want to check in with me, you can ask me on Instagram whether or not it is possible. Sending me a bunch of reference photos always makes it easier to discuss a look. In the event that you do send me reference photos of other people's faceups, do note that I would only take inspiration from it, but not copy. You can even send me photos of real life makeup artists.


While I do work closely with my clients to get the look that they want, I do need some artistic freedom. As an artist, it is important for me to be able to interpret and do what I think is best that works in my style. I do allow for a couple of free changes, before I start charging for them. I would also please ask that you keep micro-managing to a minimum. By coming to me and asking me to do work for you, you acknowledge that you know my style and the work that I do. Do not come to me to ask me to paint in a completely different style by someone else, or dictate the entirety of the faceup.


I am able to work with very specific direction, but I will charge more for it, as you will be paying for my time and my ability to change the way I paint to accommodate a very specific look that you want in mind. But if I say no and decline your request for this type of commission, please be respectful and understand my decision.