About Mint Chateau

Hey, there--I'm Kat! I am a BJD, aka ball-jointed-doll, enthusiast and collector, beginning around 2008. It was also when I started to paint dolls. Definitely was terrible when I started but have been working to improve--even until now--with each head that I paint. There have been off and on years, but I always find myself coming back to the hobby even with lots of time for hiatus in between.


I went to Capilano University for 2D Animation and design (2010-12) and worked in Vancouver's 2D animation industry 6 years as a designer and storyboard artist after that. I worked on some shows like My Little Pony, The Hollow and Rocket Monkeys! I have taken a break from the industry November of 2018 and have been working as a faceup artist primarily since. Some of my other hobbies include cosplay, drawing--even if I don't do it for work anymore, and bouldering.